IAU376 17-21 April 2023 | Online posters

IAU Symposium 376 | 17-21 April 2023

At the cross-roads of astrophysics and cosmology: Period–luminosity relations in the 2020s

An event sponsored by IAU | hybrid conference in Budapest, Hungary

Online poster presentation

Christine Clement

Helen Sawyer Hogg and the Globular Cluster Period–Luminosity Relation

Cecilia Mateu

Calibrating RR Lyrae Absolute Magnitudes as a Function of Period Shift to Correct Post-ZAHB Evolution Systematics

Olivera Latković

WUMaCat — The Largest Catalog of Individually Studied W UMa Stars

Ernst Paunzen

Catalogue of Variable Stars in Open Cluster Fields

Tahereh Ramezani

Non-Variable Stars

IAU Symposium 376